Beats Evolution Conference 2017

When: 2nd - 3rd Aug 2017
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Combo Ticket: Let It Roll + Beats Evolution Conference
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Beats Evolution Conference (BEC) in Prague: An all-encompassing D&B conference designed for the genre’s international community of industry professionals, artists and fans. BEC will address the full spectrum and highlight the ever-evolving needs and challenges faced by the drum & bass community; music, social media, technology, events and more will be covered as we explore every facet of the global scene.

€94.00 + €9.40 BF
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€102.00 + €10.20 BF
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Event Info

The next edition of Beats Evolution Conference will offer two days of:

– Panels
– Masterclasses
– Demo Listening Sessions
– Afterparties
– Plus much more!

Join us this Summer as we add to drum & bass’s already rich history. No other event has ever been so focused on one goal: And that’s to bring as many of the global drum & bass community together to develop, strengthen and allow the scene to evolve even more. Twenty five years deep and the levels of passion and creativity in the genre have never been stronger.

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